Hard Rock Quarry

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Forward Command Post

God bless everyone.  If you chose to serve our nation, thank you.  

Everyone in the military is blessed with two families - the one at home and the one at work.  This is a very special blessing.  Members of each family tend to look alike - one family alike in their faces, the other alike in their dress.  Members of both families share common beliefs and values - faith, loyalty, charity, duty, honor, country - there is no dividing line.  Members of both families willingly sacrifice so that we may help others in their times of need.  When the days are long or cold or wet or windy or hot or dusty or just plain crappy you can always know one family is waiting for you at home and the other family is ready to help you now.

Be all that you can be. Somebody, somewhere needs you.

Please remember Red Shirt Friday - and thank a vet. And tell the kids you see that the good guys will ALWAYS come.
I am proud to serve.        


National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Not all battles are external.

When the asymmetry in power is even more dramatic than the mismatch of these cartridges, it is probably wise for the smaller player avoid attacking or angering the larger player.

If you like to shoot or if you want to shoot, why not join the guys who do it for a living.  The profession of arms is rewarding in ways that can only be fully understood by those who have served.  And rest assured, hell on earth is clearly finding oneself downrange of the United States military.

The good guys will ALWAYS assist those in need.


Strong men pump iron.  Iron men pump steel.

Pumping Steel

Music to Soothe the Warrior Spirit
(not for the meak nor the mild nor the weak of heart)


Live from the Armed Forces Press Service

F16 Burn-n-turn
Drones - The Future
Not you Daddy's Oldsmobile
M1A1 - One Shot, One Kill

All Hail The Mini Gun
and Don't Mess With My Door Gunners!

Let the bodies hit the floor.  Drowning Pool shares some righteous melody as the guys work out their guns.  Rrrrrrrriiiiippppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helicopters Rule!
And what they don't is probably boring.

Soar With The Eagles



Join the fight against
breast cancer.

Army of Women

Going Beyond A Cure.

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon