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Super Smart Cars

The SMART Car is a really neat idea. Like all good ideas, it has its place. If you live in a metropolitan area, I don't know how you can beat this vehicle for getting around. You can even park in any of the half spaces left by the butt heads that are driving those SUVs (stupid useless vehicles - watch them slow down on bumps and turns - stupid, huh?)

A Smart Car
Smart for Two

Creativity Happens!

Like any good idea, a little ingenuity can make it great.  So, some good ole boys in England (I guess that makes them "fine chaps") got together and put a Suzuki GSXR-1000 motor cycle engine in one and let the good times roll - the Smartuki lives.

Read more about the Smartuki at smartuki.com

And then some freaky people (my kind of folks) noodled a little bit on this and put a Hyabusa engine in some Smart Cars.  The Suzuki Hyabusa GSX1300R - hyper sport motorcycle - has been known to run at 200 mph right out of the box.  It is the world fastest production motorcycle and the transplant into the Smart Car is one of those things you know you must have.


Creativity didn't stop with speed (although that is a great place to be).  Some more inventive fellows made a Monster Smart Car or a Smart Monster Car - check with your English teacher. 


Creativity can't happen without hearing from the too tounged people - its too this and its too that and you are doing too much or too little and it is causing too much, too little. too nada nada nada.  For those who think the Smart Cars are too little, let's see what happens when a Hummer and a Smart Car meet.


Please - do not stop in front of me on the beltway.  I might be in a hurry.
Beep, Beep !!!
Mobility Enhanced