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Rolling Rocks

Rock tumbling is one of those things that sneaks up on you.  You try it and then you do a little more and then you do it more and better and then you do it a lot.  Using a rotary tumbler, we are really just rolling rocks around in an abrasive slurry.  Now this is some serious rolling - as I estimate that each rock rolls 7,000,000 to 10,000,000 times in my typical polishing routine.

Within Rolling Rocks, you will find details on the rock tumbling machines used at the School of Hard Rocks and some of the techniques applied.  Yes, we will even share our numerical analysis of grind rate and derivation of tumbled rock volume.  Just play the Rock Music Box - REALLY LOUD - while your are reading those pages.

Those who say beauty is only skin deep have never polished a rock.

Play hard.  Learn more.

The Inca's had a great civilization and built some amazing pyramids - but they never invented wheels.  It seems the Inca's moved things by rolling them about on stones.  Their technique might have been like that used by Wally Wallington in his demonstration of how Stonehenge could have been built by a small group of HardHeads.
Inca rolling stones
Inca Rolling Stones

Rock Rolling Stones
Rock Rolling Stones