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Hall Of Fame

The best way to learn is to chase your curiosity. Exercising your curiosity makes you a scientist; as science is the field of study seeking to understand natural phenomena through repeated observations and experiments (1). Curiosity translates into drive and determination and focuses one's energies on the subject. Having fun amplifies drive and sparks deeper curiosity (and if it doesn't, who cares, its fun).

The Hall Of Fame recognizes those who have enjoyed repeated observations and experiments and who have been willing to share them with all of us.

World's Finest Pine Box
You wouldn't normally think of a pine box as being something exotic and finely crafted.  Well, read on and watch the video.  Matthias Wandel built a superb box and shared his methods and techniques with us.  Fine craftsmen are rare.  Finding one who shares his ways is even more rare. 


The Flying Norsemen

I mean really flying.  Slopeflying in Stryn, Norway.  Jokke Sommer jumps off a very high rock and soars over a lot of rocky, ragged terrain with a suit that is about like a flying squirrel.  Looks like a great ride.


World's First BMX Triple Back Flip

This is very exciting.  Jef Mildon completed this jump on May 28, 2011.  When you watch you simply must wonder how he practiced for such an endeavor.  It looks to me like this is stick it or regret it.


Classic Rock

The guys of MattRach - Mat, Oliv, Nico and Sep - have really hit the sweet spot.  This piece is a rocked classic and it will make all who hear it true believers.  They have an album coming out soon - check here.  Keep an eye on MattRach - THEY ROCK!



This is some SERIOUS slip-and-sliding.  Bruno Kammerl demonstrates that if you can imagine it, you can do it.  Denkbar. Planbar. Machbar.  Visit Bruno's site.



Louisville Slugger Violin

Here is a special treat - found on the 4th of July.  Glenn Donnellan, a violinist for the National Symphony Orchestra, made a violin from a Louisville Slugger baseball bat.  It is an electronic violin and it sounds great.  Bet he gets to open a few ballgames with this - and he should, to a standing ovation.

Now, that's a bat-tle hymn!


Everything Is Possible

The greatest experiment of all is life.  This video shows a whole lot of people doing a whole lot of living. 

Just  GO FOR IT!     NOW!!     WOW !!!!!


Benedikt Magnussen Dead Lifts 1100 Pounds

Here is another very fine use for truck tires.  Play hard. Lift more.


Sticky Note Experiments

Remember the Slinky?  When Richard James (an engineer, BTW) created the slinky, he could hardly have imagined this as a future extension of his observation.  Rock On!!!

All engineers are fascinated by Slinkys, and just about anything else that moves.  And the geeky engineers love to model things - the weirder the better.  So here is an animation of a Slinky slinking down some stairs as computed by a finite element model.  It looks easy but this is a multi-pocket protector project.