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Doo Wop

Meet the Doo Wop Horses.  Play this when the boss isn't around or be ready to have your boss spend a bit of time goofing with you.  The link above the picture launches a small Flash application.  After the Flash application opens, just click on a horse to have it start playing.  Click a second time and that horse stops playing.  You can start or stop any one horse at any time and once you have them all going, its great.  Depending on the timing of your clicks, you can get some pretty amazing music.  Enjoy.  And if the boss comes by just remind him or her that none of us got those million dollar bonuses.  One of my favorite sequences is 2, 1, 3, 4, counting from left to right.  Doooo Wop.
Doo Wap Horses
Equine Quartet Extraordinaire