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Parallel Parking

There are elements of both art and science in parallel parking.  Not many of us do it any more given the availability of parking garages and expansive parking lots.  But, every teenager must parallel park to get a driver's license and all of us had better be able to parallel park if we are going down town.  Why, they even make some cars that park themselves - some times and in some places.
Here are a few examples of those times and places where a computer probably can't park that car - or at least can't park it the way the human driving the automobile did. 

Parking In Brooklyn

Parking is a challenge in any downtown area.  Traffic is always whizzing by.  Pedestrians are darting to and fro.  Set these distractions aside and pick a place that is way too small for your car and you get something like this guy parking his car in Bushwick in Brooklyn. 

Speed Parking

If you are in a real hurry and (AND) you have the appropriate gap in traffic you might slip into a parking space like this.  Some modification of this technique will be required for use in nations that drive on the right side of the road (unless you want to blast the wrong way down a one way street).  If you master this move turning left you can have a great time doing a U-turn and snagging that just emptied space.

Power Parking

You found your space.  It's a little tight.  There is too much traffic for speed parking and you don't have time to wiggle your way in.  If you have the right car, you just step on that accelerator and power your way into position.