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Rock Projects (2)

These projects at the School of Hard Rocks include rocks from a number of sources and of a variety of types.  These will all be great fun to process and we should have some pretty nice pieces when all is done.  A few million turns of the drum and treasures abound.   


Girasol Opal

Girasol Opal Finished
Girasol Opal Close Up

Flint - gathered in Ohio


Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood Close Up

Thunder Eggs / Geodes from Dugway Utah

Thunder Eggs and Prairie Agate
Thunder Eggs and Prairie Agate Close Up

Lake Superior Agates from Minnesota

Lake Superior Agates Finished
Lake Superior Agates Close Up

Agates from Oregon

Oregon Agates
Oregon Agates Close Up

Agates from Montana

Looks like I need another picture.  Come back again to see how they turned out.