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The World’s Most Powerful Sniper Rifle

The South African Denel-Mechem NTW-20 is a beautiful weapon and is currently the world’s most powerful sniper rifle.  Being careful in a choice of words, the NTW-20 is a 20 mm manually operated, rotating bolt action, anti-materiel rifle.  The design of the NTW-20 supports both 20 mm and 50 cal configurations.  An operator can switch between the two calibers in the field without using any special tools.

The NTW-20 is a serious weapon.  The 20 mm version has a maximum effective range that is greater than 1500 meters and the 50 caliber version is quoted at 2300+ meters.  A single shot version chambered for the 20 x 110 mm Hispano-Suisa cartrige packs a muzzle energy of 32,000 ft lbs (~44,000 J) which is quite a whollop when compared to a 44 magnum with its a muzzle energy of about 1200 ft lbs.

NTW-20 Anti-Materiel Rifle

The 20 mm ammuniton choices include high explosive, fragmentation and incendiery rounds.  Interestingly, when armor piercing ability is required the muniton of choice is the 50 cal round.

I love this weapon.  This second video is more a tribute to its good looks and great capabilities.  Enjoy.



M107 – .50 Caliber Long Range Sniper Rifle (LRSR)

When you really want to reach out and touch sombody, I mean really reach out and touch them, it is hard to beat the M107.  This .50 caliber LRSR packs 11,500 ft-lb of muzzle energy and has an effective range of 2000 yards.  Yes, that is over a mile and you can have one-shot, one-kill at that range.  If that someone you are trying to touch happens to hide in a cinder block building, just punch a hole in the wall with the first round and while gomer is changing his trow you finish with a second shot.  With a maximum range that is greater than 4 miles, a really good marksman could make things interesting well beyond a mile. 

M107 – .50 Cal LRSR

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