The silent service is a phrase used traditionally to describe submarines and submariners.  Maybe we need to amend its application to some of the super-sophisticated, unmanned aerial vehicles that are proving themselves daily.


The Israeli Skylark is a perfect poster child for the new silent service.  The Skylark is man portable, hand launched and fully autonomous in flight.  The Skylark 1 weighs only 12 pounds and has an endurance of 2 hours within its 10 mile range.  The Skylark 2 can launch while weighing 43 kg and can carry a 10 kg payload with a flight endurance of 6 hours and a range of more than 50 km.  Skylark is battery powered and flies on an 8 ft wingspan – so it is very, very, very quiet.


The Skylark supports a real time continuous image feed – color during daylight and thermal at night.   Payload options are left to the creativity of the user, but 10 kg on the Skylark 2 leaves room for lots of snooping gear or lots of hurt in a kamikazee run.

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