One shot.  That may be all you get.  I know; you get three strikes in baseball and four downs in football and maybe even a second chance in life but in shooting there are many now-or-never moments.  It doesn’t matter that it is dark or that it is windy or that it is cold or hot or that the target is a long, long way out there and is moving – this is THE one chance you are going to get.

TrackingPoint, Inc of Austin, Texas is rolling out three new precision guided firearms in May of this year.  These include: the TrackingPoint XS1, in 338 Lapua Magnum with 27″ barrel, effective up to 1,200 yards; the TrackingPoint XS2 in 300 Win Magnum with 22″ barrel, effective to 1000 yards and the TrackingPoint XS3, also in 300 Win Magnum effective to 750 yards.


TrackingPoint XS1


A precision guided firearm is truely a system of systems.  The rifle itself is finely crafted.  You use match grade ammunitons supplied by TrackingPoint so the computer knows exactly what it is firing.  And yes, the computer.  A Linux based computer drives a fire control system that looks a lot like a scope but does so much more.  Using what TrackingPoint calls Tag-Track-Xact technology, a shooter tags a target, tracks it for a while and the computer; accounting for range, wind, target velocity, shot angle, rifle cant, temperature, pressure, and coriolis forces, generates an exact firing solution.


 TrackingPoint – Heads Up Display

This is a lot of science in a tight package – but wait, there is more.  The computer records the engagement for review later.  It also transmits the HUD so that it may be viewed on an iPad, and we know the boss is going to want to watch.


TrackingPoint iPad Display


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