Hello world.

It has been some time since we visited.

Would you like to play a game?

Yes, it has been some time since I posted here.  My attention focused elsewhere and I forgot the value of sharing ideas.  But I’m back and I commit now to sharing.  Sharing ideas is like leveraging money, the more an idea is shared the more powerful it becomes.  There are so many exciting things happening now – and the web is a great place to discuss them.

I learn by playing, just jump in and much around.  I’ve had a chance to try some great MOOC – Massively Open Online Courses.  What a great way to learn – at my convenience, at my pace – and the courses are really good.  I’ll detail some of these in later posts.  I took some time to play with the onion router – TOR.  It is a very interesting piece of software (or environment, or browser, or whatever you wish to call it).  I was surprised to learn that is was developed by the US government and is dominantly funded by them today.  Stay tuned for comments on TOR and maybe even a little on the dark web.

I am very excited by the rapid expansion of capabilities seen in the commercial drones.  In fact, I love the selfie taking drones.  Tie all this into a cell phone and mobile ops become very interesting.  Then there is the explosion of cell phone apps to do amazing things – like take ones pulse, remotely.  Great things happening here.  Then there are all the advances in artificial intelligence and cloud computing (rah, Preakness).  We are getting ever closer to a genuinely workable voice interface with out cyber tools.

There are always more things to look at – and more people looking at them.  Our world is a very exciting place.  For me, I’ll follow the scientists and engineers who poke and prod things and ideas.  As I poke and prod, I’ll recap items here.  If you come back to look again maybe it will save you some time, maybe it will tickle the birth of that next idea.  And the world moves on.

Thanks for reading.  Come back often.  Think and share.