Beating the air into submission.  Yep that is what the folks at Innovative Aerodynamic Technologies are doing with their D-Dalus aircraft.  Sleek it is not.  Sophisticated it is.  And it has great potential.  At the 2011 Paris Air Show some folks likened the demo unit to a flying steamroller.  Boy were they wrong.  IAT is building a craft that can hover, and fly, and thrash about amoungst tree branches and crap and keep on going (try that in a helicopter).

D-Dalus at 2011 Paris Air Show

Cyclogyros are not new but have generally been built on an airplane paradigm.  See several examples here.  IAT has fully embraced modern technologies and shrouded its high-tech rotors in such a way that lift is maximized, control is maximized and the probability of damage is hugely reduced.

D-Dalus Turbines

The sweetness of the IAT solution is evident as shown in the image above of the counter-rotating fan unit from an early prototype.

Read more on this marvelous craft in Popular Science.  Watch a video of a rotor-in-wing airplane.  There is some very exciting stuff coming through the pipe.

If you want a hovering platform that can match the rigors of urban operations (wires, trees, bushes, buildings) a cyclogyro will trounce any rotored solution you might try.  Go for it.